Here is Unix 'bout Frank (f.d.g.Drolshagen

4 starters a question about justice:

Why should I take your feelings into consideration, when you don't take my feelings into consideration?

And a thought:

Some monetary/pecuniary rich people say, money makes the world go around.
I think, ideas do, e.g. the IMHO relatively good idea of that guy, who's name just slipped my mind.

Another thought:

IBM: Think Big!
Apple: Think different.
Aretha Franklin: Think!
Frank: think AND feel right

And the thoughts go on:

Menopause: Nature's way of saying "And now for the fun of it."

Bob Ross: Everyone's an artist.
Frank: Every living being already is a master of an art, namely, the art of being alive.

Races don't mix!
That's absolutely right!
Because there is only one race, called Homo Sapiens.

Luc Besson - The Fifth Element: Time is not important, only life is important.
Frank: Time is not important; timing is.

A wish to you:

Feel good and live long.

A second to last question:

How do other human beings feel by the deeds done by other human beings?

Allow me to open at the close with a question:

Has someone an idea how to build a Sub-Etha Sens-O-Matic?

Ok now, really:

So long, and thanks for all the dish.